what matters need attention to use USB connecting box with SC CD/DVD duplicator to external type

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what matters need attention to use USB connecting box with SC CD/DVD duplicator to external type

Post  Admin on Wed May 12, 2010 12:22 am

Firstly, we don't recommend that to do so, because of the connecting box on the market at present, product brand, cannot guarantee the good and evil people mixed up compatibility and stability. By connecting box because of old chip, may cannot identify 16X SC CD/DVD duplicator, But even able to detect machine, nor can work normally. Due to the specification of the innate USB limits - in fact the earliest development was the main consideration USB plug is to support that is type recuperators low-speed, discontinuity of data transmission equipment, such as mouse, keyboard, subsequent to develop support high-speed data transmission function, doesn't support point-to-point communication mode, and to high-speed DVD duplicateing, to guarantee the success of the SC CD/DVD duplicator
to duplicate, duplicateing and quality of precise control of the process will become important, if use the USB connecting box on the market, will likely cannot achieve high speed of duplicate, also increase the chance pass dish. Suggest you buy normal manufacturer's outer SC CD/DVD duplicator, quality assurance will have.
If you really need to use connecting box, and did not mind the risk of above, then we recommend you buy external box before SC CD/DVD duplicator and external object box will be used to identify after confirmation.

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